Athletic participation is a valuable educational experience. Our student-athletes understand that their participation in athletics is a privilege. They represent our school in such a way that makes their parents, teachers, and community proud. 

We will post sports schedules here as they become available, so check back for the latest schedules! Please note that all of our sports schedules are subject to change.

The participation fee for high school athletes is $75 per sport/activity, capped at $225. The participation fee for junior high school athletes is $60 per sport/activity, capped at $180. All sports fees for junior high and high school need to be paid at the district office.

Channel on All Abilities

Please tune in to the Paramus High School channel on All Abilities. These games are live to view the schedule for the upcoming season. Livestream for Hackensack Basketball games on January 26, 2021. 

  • Flyer coming soon!

High School Sports

  • Football - Jim Hughes
  • JV Football
  • Volleyball - Coach: Keoni Bailado
  • JV/Freshman Volleyball - Coaches: Tasha Mattice and Randy Estrada
  • Spiritline - Coach: Jody Judd
  • Boys Basketball - Coach: Cliff Thompson
  • Boys JV/Freshman Basketball
  • Girls Basketball - Coach: Roy Corona
  • Girls JV Basketball
  • Golf - Coach: Jeff Skiba
  • Wrestling - Coach: Kurt Palmer
  • Baseball - Coach: Greg Cooper
  • Softball - Coach: Travis Hawkins
  • Boys & Girls Tennis - Coach: Cheryl Lunt
  • Boys & Girls Track - Coach: Parker Blair

Be sure to check our Calendar page for a complete listing of athletics events! You may also check our Google calendar for a listing of athletics events and other extracurricular activities. 

Jr. High Sports

  • Football - Coach: Eric Blair and Assistant Coach: Josh Wilkins  
  • 7th Grade Volleyball - Kylie Pappa
  • 8th Grade Volleyball - Hailey Wahl   
  • 7th Grade Boys Basketball - Coach: Von Richardson
  • 8th Grade Boys Basketball - Coach: Nathan Miller
  • 7th Grade Girls Basketball - Coach: Jarod Mattice
  • 8th Grade Girls Basketball
  • Track - Coach: Marcy Beus 
  • Wrestling - Coach: Greg Cooper
  • Softball - Coach: Daniel Olsen
  • Baseball - Coach: Nathan Miller
  • Knowledge Bowl - Coach: Mrs. Kempton