Chromebook Scholarship Program

As access to online education materials becomes a more necessary part of our schools offerings, we recognize that for some students, the cost of the tools needed becomes a barrier to a great education. We are committed to removing all obstacles to student success, so we have set up a scholarship fund to purchase lightly used Chromebooks to give to students who qualify.

The Chromebooks are purchased from the district as part of our technology renewal program, and they are easily connected to wifi so students can access lessons, information about colleges, and communicate with teachers. The district purchased the first generation of devices with a 50/50 blend of funds. Half came from private grant funds received from the Freeport McMoRan Foundation, Graham County United Way, and Century Link Foundation. The other half comes from the district's annual Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) grant. We are able to renew our technology by recovering the private grant-funded portion of the cost.

Donations to the Chromebook Scholarship Fund can be made by bringing a check to the district office, or you can pay via the district's Skooki page.

If you have any questions, please contact (928) 387-8002.

Thank you,

Sean Rickert