Pima Junior High

Welcome to Pima Junior High, the best school in the Gila Valley. We have the best students, the best teachers, and the best attitudes. Our goal is to become an "A" school by providing our students with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in high school and beyond. We have established policies, procedures, and routines that ensure a safe and positive school experience. Our use of Beyond Textbooks give us a clear vision of the "what" and the "when" of teaching, but we allow the teachers to decide the "how" of teaching. We know what we are doing. Our past success is proof of that. Come join us and see the best school in Gila Valley for yourself.

Our junior high school serves 150 students in 7th and 8th grades and is located at:

192 East 200 South
Pima, Arizona 85543
(928) 387.8100 Office
(928) 387.8021 Fax

Junior High Staff

We are proud of our talented and caring staff at Pima Unified School District. As parent/teacher communication is essential to your child's success, we invite you to contact your child's teacher by e-mail.


Mark Squires
Jr. High Principal/Athletics Director
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Cody Marshall
Administrative Assistant
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Tawni Anger
Ext. 8161
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Shawnda Bennett
Band/Music Rotation
Ext. 8170
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Chris Carrell
Ext. 8106
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Daneece Cluff
Art Rotation
Ext. 8166
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Evan Crockett
Woods Rotation
Ext. 8160
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Jace Hancock
Ext. 8159
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Monica Hancock
P.E./Health Rotation
Ext. 8159
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Bonni James
7th Grade Reading/Writing
Ext. 8105
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Patti Kempton
Social Studies
Ext. 8108
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Kena Taylor
8th Grade Reading/Writing
Ext. 8107
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Jr. High News

Schools Will Remain Open on Shortened Schedule

During the statewide walkout on Thursday, April 26, all Pima Unified Schools will remain open on a shortened schedule. For complete details, please read our parent letter.

Sports Fees

Please pay all junior high sports fees at the district office.

Letter to Parents from Our P.E. Teachers

As part of your child's physical education program, Pima Junior High School is preparing to participate in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP). This national program provides educators with the tools necessary to help students adopt an active lifestyle and improve their health and overall well-being. For more information on this program, please read the full letter to parents.

Power Announcement to Parents:

Parents, please be aware that PUSD is now implementing an electronic form of communication with the parents called Power Announcement. We will send an electronic message via cell phone (text), voice message, and/or email. In some cases, all of the above. If you would like to know more about Power Announcement, please contact Cody Marshall at 387.8101. Examples of a Power Announcement include if your child is ineligible, if your child owes lunch money, if your child has excessive absences, or if the school wants to specifically remind a grade level of an upcoming event.

A Note From the Nurse

Please remember to keep your child home from school if they develop any of these signs of illness:

  • Coughing, with other signs of illness
  • Fever or chills
  • Sore throat or trouble swallowing
  • Muscle aches with headache
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Breathing trouble
  • Unusual spots or rashes

A child should be fever-free for 24 hours (without fever reducing medicine) before returning to school. Keeping a sick child home helps prevent the spread of disease at school. Please help keep our school healthy.

If your child must use medication while at school, the parent/guardian must check in with the school nurse and complete the proper paperwork. All medications need to be in the original container. If it is a doctor prescribed medication, the prescription label must be present. 

If you have a student who has been prescribed an inhaler for asthma purposes or epi-pen for allergies, the school nurse must have written documentation from the parent/guardian giving permission for the student to carry these types of medications with them. These are the only medications students are allowed to carry.

Linda Peru, RN
School Nurse
(928) 387.8053

Arizona LEARNS Achievement Profile

The Arizona Department of Education has released the Arizona LEARNS achievement profile for the 2010-2011 school year. Learn more about our profile and our Arizona School Improvement Plan.